Kentucky Derby Results 2010:Calvin Borel Super Saver Horse


Kentucky Derby Results 2010:Calvin Borel Super Saver Horse – The Kentucky Derby 2010 contenders and favorite odds were announced and released recently. The race is among the most popular sporting events year in and year out, and takes place every May. The Kentucky Derby is an important piece of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred horse racing and always has been able to attract large crowds. It is believed that the event will do the same this year as well. Along with the large crowd that is seated inside the stands that hold roughly three times more than the average NFL stadium, the race also garners a large viewership on television as well. ABC will be televising the Kentucky Derby this year, and has already started to run a number of different promotions in preparation of the event.
The favorites for the Kentucky Derby 2010 are Lookin at Lucky and Sidney’s Candy. Currently, Lucky, who will be ridden by jockey Garret Gomez, has been given three to one odds in the upcoming Kentucky Derby. Sidney’s Candy, who will be jockeyed by Joe Talamo, has been given five to one odds. Both horses have drawn comparisons to one another by analysts in recent weeks, and most experts have chosen one of the two horses to come away with a victory in the Kentucky Derby.

Looking At Lucky drew the rain, and Sidney drew the inside post. They will also be accompanied by Devil May Care, who is the only female horse in the race and will be sitting in the middle of the pack.
The weather report is making some owners nervous, as there is supposed to be an 80% chance for precipitation on Saturday with the possibility of large thunderstorms. This could shake up the race, and will make the track much harder for particular horses to run.

Calvin Borel (Calvin Burrell) who was ridding Super Saver is the big winner of the 2010 Kentucky Derby Results for the third time in 4 years.
Kentucky Derby Results/are as followed:
4. Super Saver $18.80, $8.80, $6.00
2. Ice Box $11.20, $8.00
10. Paddy O’ Prado $7.40
9. Make Music For Me
3. Noble’s Promise
1. Lookin At Lucky
17. Dublin
6. Simply Victor
14. Mission Impazible
11. Devil May Care (filly)
7. American Lion
13. Jackson Bend
15. Discreetly Mine
8. Dean’s Kitten
12. Conveyance
19. Homeboykris
20. Sidney’s Candy
5. Line of David
16. Awesome Act
18. Backtalk