Charice Gay Club Appearance


Charice Gay Club Appearance – Teen star Charice recently received criticism after making an appearance at a gay club. Marc Johnson, Charice’s manager, has defended the decision to allow the 17 year old singer to perform at a gay bar in New York City. Johnson responded by saying that it is important for Charice to perform at all of the major clubs in New York City to build her American following, including gay clubs in the area to promote her current single “Pyramid.”
“Club 57 is a major NYC dance club and it is important that Charice makes appearances to support the dance community and help promote her single,” Johnson said in defense of his decision.

Security during Charice performances was reportedly very tight. According to Johnson, security measures that have been practiced included having Charice enter the venue just before her performance begins, and then leaving just after she finishes her performance.

“Charice’s handlers were fully prepared with maximum security. The crowd loved Charice’s performance, and will be sure to spread the word. It’s normal for pop artists like Charice to make club appearances in major venues,” Johnson said.
Charice has enjoyed a large amount of success abroad after she was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Executives for the popular talk show discovered Charice when they came across a series of videos she had uploaded to the popular video sharing website, YouTube. In the videos Charice sang a number of popular songs.