Justin Bieber Sean Kingston Eenie Meenie Video


Justin Bieber Sean Kingston Eenie Meenie Video – There was a recent pool party that took place in the Hollywood Hills for a major music video. In fact, it was the music video that featured the insanely popular artist Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston who did a collaboration together. The song is called “Eenie Meenie” and features a young lady that appears to be “playing” both Kingston and Bieber as they flirt with the same girl.

The exact rundown of the music video isn’t all that enticing but it is rather interesting. It starts out with Kingston and the lady in the video doing a little flirting with each other while they’re out on the deck. Meanwhile, Bieber is hanging out with everyone inside the house. Then you see her inside flirting with Bieber the next chance she gets when Kingston isn’t looking. In fact, this time it’s him hanging out with the friends and he’s looking a bit concerned about where his girl went.

The flirty girl then leaves Bieber once again and goes back to Kingston and the entire process just keeps repeating throughout the video. Eventually, you had to have guessed it, she gets caught. Just when she thinks she’s in the clear getting her game on with Kingston once again, Bieber comes into the playing field and all of her hard work picking up the two of them is gone. Of course, the two guys are completely fine with it. Well not exactly, they are a bit upset she sort of played them both but they don’t seem to take it out on each other and they remain cool even though this girl got the best of them. Girls can mess with your mind and surely this one was no different. The video comes to a conclusion with both guys finding different girls to pick up, they didn’t need her anyway.