Immigration Reform 2010 Outline


Immigration Reform 2010 Outline – Democrats have been working hard to get an overhaul on immigration reform but they are doing with no republican support. Senator Lindsey Graham is still retaining his support and not proceeding forward to help out democrats.Republicans aren’t the only ones who are holding back on the issue because the Senate is seeing its own problems. It seems that the debate is stuck in the middle on the issue and Wall Street reform has become very controversial.The Wall Street reform is going to take up the majority of time in the Senates debates next week. Reid commented that he thinks the chamber should be able to handle it though. He said, “We can do more than one thing at once.”

The immigration proposal from democrats prepares to target multiple areas of the issue. It would begin by giving border patrol additional funding so that they can crack down on illegal immigration as well as drug problems. Agents who specifically focused on drug wars will be compensated for their efforts. Things like the equipment, helicopters and even unmanned drones and scouts will be paid for by the government. However, the immigration laws would essential create a national I.D. which would be similar to a “biometric social security card.” However, democrats are saying that it isn’t anything like an ID card and that it would be used for employment only. The plan also will target employers who are hiring workers that are not legal residents. It would require employers to have further documentation from the workers that they hire.This would essential deport a lot of illegal immigrants out of the country but we also have to make becoming a citizen easier so that those who can stay and have desire to live her have the chance to make it happen.