AZ Immigration Law Lawsuits


AZ Immigration Law Lawsuits – There was a lot of tension and frustration that filled the area on Thursday in Phoenix. The controversial issue was that of the Arizona law that has taken a new stand on illegal immigration. The law takes the term “taking action” to a whole new level by allowing police officers to arrest anyone who looks suspicious and could be an illegal immigrant. However, now a police officer on the force is stepping up and is filling a lawsuit against the law. There were hundreds of activists that came outside of the Arizona Diamondbacks game which was at Wrigley Field in Chicago and they all stood together while chanting “Boycott Arizona” repeatedly.

The lawsuit came from a 15-year Tucson police veteran who’s name is Martin Escobar. His lawsuit that is challenging the bill and the law that is being set in place is the first of two that were filed on Thursday. This isn’t even one week after Republican Governor Jan Brewer signed the law that has frustrated so many. It’s causing fear and sparked a nationwide commotion that it could lead to sever racial discrimination. The governor’s response to these claims was that all officers will be trained to perfection and that racial discrimination would be handled appropriately. The U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder says that the federal government can challenge the law. The law would make the local and state law enforcement have the right to question and even detain people who’s immigration status is questionable. All they need is reason to believe that they may be in the U.S. illegally which we all know law enforcement can stretch their reasoning. It is a nationwide crime to be in the U.S. illegally but many are questioning whether this is really the approach that we need to be taking.