Puerto Rico Statehood HR 2499


Puerto Rico Statehood HR 2499 – Puerto Rico Statehood/HR 2499 calls for a Puerto Rico vote. It seems that the U.S. Natural Resources Committee is trying hard to bring HR 2499 to the house. The bill regards the Puerto Rico Statehood but it’s not a immediate action for the island’s statehood but the bill would make their statehood a possibility in the future. The voting would be taken in Puerto Rico only to see if the residents of the area are keen to the idea of becoming part of the United States. Statehood is a very realistic outcome to the vote, so it’s being heavily reviewed. The country’s statehood has become quite a controversial issue and it has a lot to do with the tax debt. There has been numerous moments in history where Puerto Rico’s statehood has been questioned but it has never become a reality.

The history of their statehood goes back quite a few years. Puerto Rico was first colonized by the Spanish and only later did it become a U.S. colony which was in 1898 during the Spanish-American war. There was a Foraker Act that created a government made up by civilians in the area. They developed their own judicial system and members of congress. In 1917, everyone who resided in Puerto Rico became a United States citizen and in 1947 the area became a common wealth. This didn’t make Puerto Rico a state in the U.S. though, it only made the area a colony of the U.S.Now, Puerto Rico is seeing the HR 2499 bill as a way to take a proper vote on the matter and see if the citizens of Puerto Rico would like to become part of the U.S. The vote will take a poll and if in fact the idea was favorable, it’s likely that it could happen.