Arizona Immigration Law Text:2010 SB1070 Fallout


Arizona Immigration Law Text:2010 SB1070 Fallout – Lindsay Graham, a republican Senator from South Carolina recently refused to support a climate bill that he has been working on with Joe Lieberman and John Kerry because he feels that immigration legislation has been pushed to the forefront before the issue was ready to be taken on. He recently stated that the new Arizona immigration law is unconstitutional and that “it doesn’t represent the best way forward.”

The new law, which was signed by the Governor of Arizona on Friday, requires that all immigrants carry documentation verifying their immigration status. It also stipulates that police officers have the authority to ask to see the information from any individual that is deemed “suspicious” or when there is “reasonable suspicion” that the person may not be legally in the country.

Protesters have taken a stand against the law, claiming that the vague text allows too much to interpretation, and have said that they believe that the bill will undoubtedly lead to further racial profiling as a result. Even Meghan McCain, daughter of Arizona Senator John McCain, recently commented in opposition to the bill, saying that the problem needs to be fixed at the source (the border), rather than forcing every immigrant to carry their papers with them in case they are asked to present them to law enforcement.
President Barack Obama recently called the law “misguided”, and has asked that the Justice Department take a look at the bill to determine the implications. Some believe that the bill encroaches on federal authority to regulate immigration, and may even violate constitutional rights in the process. Arizona’s Governor responded by saying that the bill is the right move because the federal government has been unable to secure the border thus far, and that the state of Arizona loses billions of dollars every year to illegal immigrants.