Justin Bieber Crowd Crush Australia Concert


Justin Bieber Crowd Crush Australia Concert – Justin Bieber was supposed to be performing in Australia in the coming days, but his only performance in the nation has been cancelled after several fans were crushed while waiting for the concert overnight. Nearly 4,000 had showed up to camp out since 6PM on sunday, with Bieber’s concert scheduled for the following day. Most of the individuals who camped out were in front of the Overseas Passenger Terminal at Sydney’s Circular Quay.

Bieber was only going to be singing three different songs on the Sunrise television program. They would have been the only performances that Bieber had ever done in the country. However, when rumors broke that Bieber had arrived at the venue early (at around 2AM), the crowd surged in hopes of getting a look at the rising 16 year old star. The surging of the crowd continued over the course of several hours in a crowd that consisted of mostly teenage girls.
The pushing of the crowd caused several fans to be trampled, crushed, and otherwise injured. None of the injuries were all that serious, but a number of individuals were treated for minor injuries after the incident. The police then decided to shut down the show because of concerns over safety issues. Fans were understandably disappointed by the choice, but police contend that the safety of the fans is far more important than allowing Bieber to sing three songs on a morning talk show.
“We didn’t even get to see him because it got cancelled by random people who were like pushing,” said one young fan, Julia. Bieber has since Tweeted that he too is disappointed that his show was cancelled, and has vowed to return to Australia to sing for them in the near future.