Obama Billy Graham Meeting


Obama Billy Graham Meeting – President Barack Obama met with Reverend Billy Graham at his cabin Sunday afternoon. Obama was said to be joining the spiritual leader, along with his son in prayer. There have been no reports of what Obama and Graham might have spoken about during their meeting. It is said that both the prayer and conversation that the two had will remain private. The White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton also went on to say that Obama was “extraordinarily gratified” that Graham set aside time to meet with him.

Recently Graham son had an offer rescinded by the US Army to speak at the Pentagon on National Prayer Day, May 6. A military watchdog group had said that Graham speaking at the function would not be the best of ideas because of the views that Graham had expressed in regards to Islam, calling it “evil” and just generally not speaking too highly of the faith. Graham has said that he is disappointed that the Army rescinded their invitation, and that he would continue to pray for all of our serviceman and servicewomen.

Billy Graham and Obama had previously spoken by phone, but had never met one another before their meeting yesterday. It is reported that Obama and Graham had been trying to find a time to meet since Graham had received a call from Obama on his 91st birthday last November. The meeting is said to have only lasted about 15 minutes, and the two of them were also joined by First Lady Michelle Obama over the course of those 15 minutes.