Kentucky Derby 2010 Contenders


Kentucky Derby 2010 Contenders – The Kentucky Derby is the most awaited race during the horse racing season. It is consistently one of the most watched races of each year. The Kentucky Derby selects a list of three year old horses who will be running on the first Saturday in May. The Kentucky Derby is held in Louisville, and the city enjoys the added interest from tourists and racing fans who come into town during the derby. The race is known for having many upsets, most likely because of its high visibility and higher stakes. Taking a look in the seats around the track, you will likely see a number of faces that are familiar to you. A number of celebrities regularly attend the Kentucky Derby on a yearly basis. Sometimes it looks as though they are dressed more for an award show than for a horse race.

Many of the festivities and events that take place in the days leading up to and after the event can be more exciting than the race itself. Many jockeys, companies that sell products related to horse racing and other celebrities make appearances. Often times famous musicians will perform on stage in the days leading up to the horse race. The Kentucky Derby at one time was simply a horse racing event, but has grown into more of a festival for anyone who is interested in horse racing even the slightest bit.
The race will cover a mile and a quarter at the racing track Churchill Downs. It has often been described as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports” because of the number of close finishes that the track has seen over the years. Churchill Downs can seat up to 155,000 people, making the stands roughly three times the size of the average NFL football stadium.

2010 Kentucky Derby Contenders

Line of David
Mission Impazible
Ice Box
Stately Victor
American Lion
Super Saver
Discreetly Mine
Dean’s Kitten
Awesome Act
Paddy O’Prado