Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Signs Arizona Immigration Law


Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Signs Arizona Immigration Law – The recently passed immigration bill that was signed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, has been controversial to say that least. Brewer called the bill “another step forward in protecting the state of Arizona.” However, some individuals who are opposed to the bill have suggested that the bill gives racial profiling a new footing, and that the bill will never be able to be used as intended.
The bill came in response to a spike in violence along the US and Mexico border. The bill will make it a state crime not to carry proof of legal immigration status. It will also require Arizona’s police force to ask about the person’s immigration status. If they believe that there is “reasonable suspicion” to believe that the individual may not be a citizen of the country, they are then allowed to detain the individual for further questioning, provided they are not able to present the proper documentation pertaining to their immigration status.

“I will not tolerate racial discrimination or racial profiling in the state of Arizona” Brewer said in response to the allegations made by democrats in the state that have said that the bill will lead to discrimination and racial profiling.

Brewer has stated that she made the decision to sign the bill after the federal government made several failed attempts to ensure that the borders remained safe.
“This protects all of us, every Arizona citizen and everyone here lawfully,” she said.
President Barack Obama has called the bill “misguided”, and has stated that the legislation is a perfect example of why Congress must act soon to ensure that the situation on the border does not become worse. Tom Saenz, executive director of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund has said that he does not believe the legislation is within the rights of the state of Arizona, and predicted that the bill would be shot down by federal courts.