Arizona Voters Support Controversial Immigration Bill


Arizona Voters Support Controversial Immigration Bill – Something that was not entirely expected is the very overwhelming amount of Arizona voters who are choosing to support a widely controversial bill that is being put into place in hopes to give state officials the power to arrest people who are suspected of being illegal immigrants. Arizona is home to a lot of illegal immigrants and maybe residents feel it’s about time to put a stop to it. The polls have shown that a huge majority of Arizona voters want to give state officials this power so that they don’t have to have probable cause in order to arrest someone who might be an illegal immigrant. According to the Rasmussem Reports the amount of people who are supporting the new bill is close to seventy percent of those who voted. Arizona voters appear to be backing the bill with an over 2/3 majority. The bill cleared the States Legislature this weekend and is currently just waiting for the governor’s signature. Many people are still concerned about the civil rights that are being violated by the new bill.

The survey also noted that there are close to 55 percent of voters who feel like the law is in fact violating their rights but keep in mind that 70 percent still voted for it. People feel like their rights would be infringed upon but the effort to keep out illegal immigrants might be far more important. After all, if you are not an illegal immigrant you will be released shortly and you would only be held if you could not show proper identification and they suspected you of being an immigrant. The votes showed that close to 46 percent of the voters weren’t really concerned about civil rights. Immigrant rights activists are taking a stand in Washington as well as other places in hopes to stop the state bill before it can be put into action.