Jennifer Knapp Rumors:Jennifer Knapp Gay


Jennifer Knapp Rumors:Jennifer Knapp Gay – Christian singer Jennifer Knapp recently came out of the closet and told everyone that she was gay. The 33 year old singer said that she felt immense pressure and felt stuck between her orientation and her religion. Ricky Martin recently came out of the closet as well, but his situation was a bit different than that of Christian musician Jennifer Knapp. Knapp was recently interviewed by Christianity Today and acknowledged that the rumors that she was in a same sex relationship were true.
“I don’t want to come off as somebody who’s shirking the truth in my life,” Knapp told Christianity Today.

Recent rumors have stated that Knapp left the music industry to go on a sabbatical because she was lesbian. In response to the rumors, Knapp sad that her orientation was only;

“..a stray in my decision, but there were many straws on the camel’s back at the time. I’m certainly in a same-sex relationship now, but when I suspended my work, that wasn’t even really a factor. I had some difficult decisions to make and what that meant for my life and deciding to invest in a same-sex relationship, but it would be completely unfair to say that’s why I left music.
Knapp went on to say that she did feel pressure to choose between her religion and her true feelings. “Everyone around me made it absolutely clear that this is not an option for me, to invest in this other person, and for me to choose to do so would be denial of my faith,” Knapp said in her interview. Knapp later acknowledged in the interview that her coming out of the closet would feel like a betrayal to some of her fans.
“I’m quite comfortable to live with parts of myself that don’t make sense to you,” Knapp said in response.