Russian Adoption Return:Moscow Reacts


Russian Adoption Return:Moscow Reacts – Russia will cease all adoptions of Russian children by American families on Friday. This comes after a Tennessee women returned a minor to Moscow, stating that the child was violent and had psychological problems. The boys name was Artyom Savelyev and he was seven years old. The boy was placed on an airplane with no adult accompanying him. All the boy had with him when he was placed on the plane was a plane ticket.

“The boy drew a picture of our house on fire and told everyone to burn the house with us inside,” Hansen told the Associated Press recently in an interview that was conducted over the telephone. “We feared for our safety, it was horrible.”
Some have said that the problem was the way that the family chose to deal with the situation, and not that they no longer felt safe with the boy around them. The case angered many many in Russia, where the press heavily covers failed adoptions.

The Russian Ministry of Education suspended the license of the group that was involved in the adoption of the child, the World Association for Children and Parents. The group was based in Renton, Washington. The group will not be able to receive another license until the investigation is complete.
Hansen, the mother of the adopted child is also being investigated. Freezing the adoptions will negatively affect hundreds of families who are already signed up to be adopting a child in the near future. Last year over 1,500 Russian children were adopted by families in the United States. Representatives in Washington State, the state in which the group was based that set up the adoption, have said that they will be investigating how this was allowed to happen. Both countries plan on negotiating ways to ensure that minors remain safe during and after the adoption process.