Sania Mirza And Shoaib Malik Married:Wedding Of Sania And Shoaib


Sania Mirza And Shoaib Malik Married:Wedding Of Sania And Shoaib – Popular tennis star Sania Mirza recently married popular Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik. The wedding has received attention in recent days because the groom, Malik, was forced to divorce his first wife in the days leading up to the marriage and wedding ceremony. The two reportedly wed in a hotel in Hyderabad, which is the home town of Mirza. Mirza has been described by many as the poster girl for Indian tennis. Mirza has also received a number of high dollar endoresements in recent years. Mirza is currently 23 years old.

Mirza wore a red embroidered sari from her mother’s wedding. Malik wore a sleek, long black tunic.
“The nikah (marriage) has been completed, it has just got over. Please pray for the couple,” Rucha Naik, Mirza’s spokeswomen said shortly after the wedding outside of the hotel.

Marriages between individuals who are from Pakistan and India are rare. The two countries are considered to be rivals and both have created tension because both countries are nuclear armed. Pakistan and India have been involved in three different wars previously. The wedding of Mirza and Malik received a lot of attention in both countries after the story came to the forefront in recent days.
Ayesha Siddigui, a women that Malik was reportedly married to in 2002 complained to police saying that the two had previously wed but had never been divorced. At first, Malik denied knowing the women and denied her reports. Police would later seize his passport and detain Malik at the airport about the accusations. Malik would eventually acknowledge the marriage, and eventually signed divorce papers to nullify their marriage.
Recently, Malik has been involved in a year long dispute with the Pakistan Cricket Board for poor performance and lack of discipline.