NBA Playoff Schedule 2010:Playoffs 2010


NBA Playoff Schedule 2010:Playoffs 2010 – The NBA playoffs are on the verge of starting, and some teams are still fighting for top spots. As it stands now, the match ups between the teams would make for several interesting series with story lines that the NBA will likely run with during their advertising campaigns.
As it stands right now, the Lakers (1) would take on Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder. there are only seven wins that currently separate the first and last seeded conference teams. The Lakers have 56 wins to their name, while the Thunder have been able to secure 49 wins just one season removed from being an under .500 team. The second game would be Dallas (2) against the aging San Antonio (7). There are only four wins the separate both teams. San Antonio saw a lot of success throughout the last decade, winning several championships, but aging veterans have been outmatched in recent seasons. The third game would place the Denver Nuggets (3) against the Portland Trailblazers (6). A mere 3 wins separate the third and sixth seeded teams. The final game would feature Utah (4) against Phoenix (5). Currently both teams have the same record. The Western conference is easily the better conference this season, and the differences between the teams records in the West are so small that it will be a tough road for any team in the conference to reach the NBA Playoffs.
The eastern conference is a little more clear cut as far as season records go. The number one team, Cleveland, with the help of Lebron James will be facing the Chicago Bulls. 22 wins separate the two squads. The next game will feature the Orlando Magic squaring off with Charlotte. The teams records are 57-23 and 43-37. The third game would feature the Atlanta Hawks against the Miami Heat. Only 6 wins separate the two teams. The final game will feature the Boston Celtics and Milwaukee. 5 wins separate the two teams.