KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich:New KFC Menu


KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich:New KFC Menu – The KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich has been highly anticipated since advertisements for the sandwich began running in recent weeks. The sandwich is a new take on an old idea. Instead of buns, the sandwich features two original recipe chicken patties on either side of two types of cheeses, bacon and The Colonel’s Sauce. The sandwich is a bit smaller then you might guess, and is able to fit inside of a small cardboard hamburger box.

Each chicken breast patty is a piece of chicken breast that has been cut lengthwise to give them their patty shape. The cheese on the sandwich is pepper jack, and there are two slices with bacon between on every Double Down. Each sandwich also has two slices of bacon in the middle of the sandwich. Although the Double Down is alright tasting, the end result looks nothing like the sandwich that is featured on their advertisements and signs. In fact, the sandwich is rather flat, and certainly is something that you could make yourself with a couple of slices of original recipe chicken breast if you desired too.

The cheese packs a little heat, and this sandwich may appeal to those of us who like spicy chicken sandwiches. The Colonel’s Sauce tastes like a mixture of ketchup, mayo and mustard and actually tastes fairly good. One of the biggest problems with the Double Down is that there is just not enough bacon on the sandwich. In fact, you can barely taste the bacon when eaten as a whole. The best part about the sandwich is that it is extremely filling (and fattening), so it probably wouldn’t be the ideal meal for anyone who is on a diet. The sandwich is certainly worth a try based on the gimmick alone, but probably won’t warrant a second purchase later down the line.