Traci Lynn Johnson Tiki Barber Girlfriend


Traci Lynn Johnson Tiki Barber Girlfriend – Tiki Barber’s 23 year old girlfriend, Traci Johnson, reportedly lied to her family about the details of her romance with ex-Giants star Tiki Barber. While Barber’s marriage was ending, she told her family that she was just babysitting for the star during the early months of their relationship. Her father and aunt both believed that she was genuinely babysitting for the former football star, and that her duties consisted of taking care of his two children.

Sources close to Barber have labeled the recent rumors as “untrue”, even after the rumors were confirmed by Johnson’s aunt confirmed that she too was under the belief that she was just acting as a babysitter for the NFL star. Barber previously split from his wife when she was eight months pregnant. The two of them had been together for eleven years and split seemed to come out of nowhere.
Johnson and Barber have been spotted in public together several times, including once at an airport while Barber was on his way to play a game against the Dallas Cowboys. Last month, the two were caught side by side during a screening of a documentary hosted by Tiki. The two have not spoken about their relationship, or made any statements as of yet. Johnson’s father reportedly hung up on a Daily News Reporter after saying “I can’t talk about this.” It has become apparent that Johnson is much more than a babysitter in her current role. Barber has been known to have a squeaky clean public persona, which seems to be showing flaws in recent months, and has been consistently challenged since he retired from the New York Giants in 2006. Recently Barber’s contract with NBC’s Sunday Night Football telecast was not renewed, leaving the star with only his job on the “TODAY” show.