Angela McGlowan Leads Tea Party Straw Poll


Angela McGlowan Leads Tea Party Straw Poll – After the tea party straw poll it appears that McGlowan is in the lead and Nunnelee coming in last. The poll interviewed over 200 different people and the results came in showing that Angela McGlowan was the favorite. McGlowan has really stood out to everyone including in the past year, she has spoken at numerous rallies and promoted her cause across the United States. She has hit a few substantial different roadblocks throughout her career that have held her back. Mainly involving conflicts with the Second Amendment. 70 percent of those who took place in the poll voted for her and that puts her up as a strong candidate and it seems that the roadblocks she has faced haven’t set her back as far as we might have thought. Henry Ross came in second at the polls with 20 percent of the vote, leaving only 10 percent of the vote going in favor of Alan Nunnelee who was initially the favorite to win the primary.

You will find a lot of detail about the this poll and many others that are just like it being published on ResistNet and Smart Girl Politics which are political websites on the internet. These two websites have been extremely supportive of Angela McGlowan as well as Henry Ross. Similar polls that have taken place have also shown results that have put Angela McGlowan as the favorite.

Now although these polls can sometimes show very accurate results, we do not know who was called, where they were screen, or any further details about the polls. You shouldn’t ever take the polls to heart and hold them down to every result as being the truth in the eyes of the voters, because in fact it can turn out that it is not.