Kim Clijsters Beats Venus Williams Sony Erricson Open Title


Kim Clijsters Beats Venus Williams Sony Erricson Open Title – Tennis is a very competitive sport. For one, you have to always remain focused on your task at hand and ready for what your next move will be. Tennis takes a lot of energy out on the player as well. You will notice that when a Tennis player is serving the ball or even just returning the ball, they will exhaust all of their energy into the swing by making a loud noise when they hit it. What does this do? Well it helps them get more power behind their swing. Those balls are traveling as fast as some major league baseballs players can hurl a baseball at the catcher. They really are hitting those as hard as possible. Their serves can reach even faster speeds and it can be difficult for the Tennis player to keep up.

Well Kim Clijsters caught up with Venus Williams, that’s for sure. You’ve heard all of the hype about the Williams sisters over the years right? Well not it seems we have another player in the game and her name is Kim Clijsters. She’s quite amazing at tennis and in her recent 58 minute match against the long time favorite and highly admired Venus Williams, she won 17 consecutive points in second set and is on here way for her second title at Sony Ericsson Open.

They poured their hearts and souls into the battle and Kim Clijsters came out far ahead of Venus Williams in the match. Serena Williams was apparently shocked by the battle when she cupped her hands to her mouth in astonishment. Kim took another trophy and is having the best moment in her career with her comeback of beating Williams 6-2, 6-1, in the final of the Sony Ericsson Open. Way to go Kim Clijsters because your performance was amazing.