Heidi Montag Spencer Pratt Name Change:Running Bear And White Wolf


Heidi Montag Spencer Pratt Name Change:Running Bear And White Wolf – Heidi and Spencer have also been in the media lately for an apparent argument the couple got into that left Heidi looking for a way out in the relationship. Close friends to Heidi told reporters that she was getting out and moving away from Spencer. They had an argument and allegedly made plans to spit up but it was only short lived because it now seems that the close couple has made a comeback and is showing off their happily love filled marriage once again.

Native Americans are not happy about welcoming Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag into the tribe and are refusing to do so. They supposedly changed their names to Running Bear and White Wolf. What a ridiculously thing to do some people are saying. Native American tribesmen are extremely upset at the two because they say these are common names in the tribe and they find the name change offensive and disrespectful towards their culture.

So many people are suggesting that they reconsider this change and take a closer look at their options. I think its a bit absurd they would consider the change to Running Bear and White Wolf in the first place having no relationship to any of these cultures. The couple claims their reasoning’s for the name change is because his wife who has had a number of surgery’s to alter her appearance is going against what she has already done to her body and is seeking a way for the two of them to “get more in-tine with their spirituality and wishes to be known as the name their creator gave them, their true Native-American names.” I don’t think many are going to see this positively and I think that there are much better ways to get in-tune with your spirituality than to change your name. That’s just what people recognize you as, it does absolutely nothing for you. Am I right? I’m not sure what you were thinking on this one Heidi.