Clay Aiken Ruben Studdard Tour 2010


Clay Aiken Ruben Studdard Tour 2010 – Wow it’s been a real long time since these two were featured on American Idol now hasn’t it? I can remember back to when I first saw Ruben Studdard audition, he was my favorite from the very beginning. The night he won American Idol was sort of like a terrifying moment as I waited to hear the name called. Well Clay Aiken may have lost American Idol, but he definitely gets recognized for being there and being one of the most successful singers in the world. It’s no doubt that he has an incredible amount of singing ability.

The two have plans to be on stage again together which will hopefully not be the last time but at least once more we will get the enjoyment of seeing them perform together. The two were featured on only Season 2 of American Idol, one of the highest watched and most successful seasons the show has seen. They will be touring North America during the summer and both of them are sure to express their amazing vocals putting their special touch on some of the best songs throughout the last half of this century.

Aiken was quoted telling Rubben Studdord: “I couldn’t ask for a better tour mate,” “To be able to share the stage with him again is so exciting. He inspires me daily and I think that respect and admiration will truly be reflected in our show.”

Rubben also has commented that he is very excited to share the stage with Clay and become road mates once again. Rubben often times being referred to as the “velvet teddy bear” is sure to add some excitement to the show with his loveable character and joyful personality. Ticket prices will be posted soon so be sure not to miss the show coming this summer.