Clash of the Titans Movie Review


Clash of the Titans Movie Review – There has been a lot of really good movies coming out lately hasn’t there? I mean if you didn’t get a chance to see Avatar, what on earth are you thinking considering going to Clash of the Titans? Then there’s Hurt Locker, Shutter Island, there’s a whole mess of good movies out there for you to go see! Anyway, Clash of the Titans definitely fell short of providing a quality film that your going to truly enjoy. Hollywood was a bit off the wall with this one thinking that what must have been one of the most horrible scripts in history was going to somehow turn up successful. You can’t just give a little money to a film and some promising actors and expect things to play out well on their own.

The directory of the film, Louse Leterrirer apparently was seeking out a fan worthy action-adventure movie that was going to really pull you in and provide some excitement. Well I’m sorry Dennis but things didn’t exactly turn out that way. You couldn’t expect much from it though, even the previews were misleading and a bit dull. Leterrier fell terribly short and ended up producing a real disappointment of a movie. It’s clear he was striving to take the movie in the wrong direction. Featuring gods, magic, and a mess of bad acting Clash of the Titans was a bit over exaggerated. It has a lot of really famous faces such as Zeus which is played by Liam Neeson in a really bright and vibrant disco like outfit. Hades played by Ralph Fiennes but all in all the two failed to provide a consistent tempo to their existence. If it were up to me, I would definitely steer clear of Clash of the Titans.