Terry Lakin Army Officer Joins Birthers Defies Obama


Terry Lakin Army Officer Joins Birthers Defies Obama – Lt. Col Terry Larkin has undermined many of his superiors, including President Barack Obama, because he has refused to follow orders until Obama is able to produce his birth certificate. He went on to say that after looking at all of the information that currently publically available, even the most sensible person would have questions about the situation. However, he apparently did not think that the right thing in this situation would not be to refuse orders but to just raise the questions. He doubts that Obama is a naturally born citizen, and has refused to take orders from any superiors until he feels confident that he is not being lied to by the President. He went on to say that he will disobey is orders to deploy to Afghanistan because he believed that all of the servicemen and women deserve to “know the truth” about President Barack Obama.

Obama and his representatives have yet to comment on the story. it is believed that Larkin will likely be punished or relieved of his duties after his latest outburst and it was not immediately clear what information he was referring to when he stated that the public information that is currently available points to Obama not being a natural born citizen of the United States. Lt. Col Larkin will likely be appearing on a number of different conservative radio shows over the course of the coming days to reiterate his position and why he chose to no longer follow orders from his commanding officers. Representatives from the Army have yet to comment on the YouTube video that has surfaced online in recent days. It is believed that they will keep quiet about the situation with Larkin and handle it internally.