Hans Christian Andersen Google Doodle Honor


Hans Christian Andersen Google Doodle Honor – Google is celebrating their 205th anniversary of the Danish author known as the great Hans Christian Andersen. His birth was a was a mere 205 years ago, wish I could live that long! Only a joke of course, he is not still alive. Google has been putting a bit of a twist on this writer but nationally recognizing his life with a series of images being displayed all through the homepage on Google attempting to tell the fascinating story of Thumbelina. Google has worked up quite the arrangement of literary honors showing that they have real intricate taste in writers. Christian Andersen was born in one of the poorest districts in the city of Odense in 1805. While Andersen lived in the 1820’s in Copenhagen and he nearly starved to death on numerous occasions.

He had a will to survive however and he looked for work everywhere he could seeking out jobs as an actor or play writer. An amazing series of literary works sent Christian on a path to success in 1835. He managed to catch the eye of so many people it literally shot him into fame. It’s highly possible that Christian Andersen could be Google’s most recognized and highly adored writer. Living a life filled with struggle and managing to work his way out of the slums was quite the accomplishment for Andersen. Andersen told fairy tales and made up the majority of his work straight from scratch that originated in his head. Not bad for a writer in the 1820’s! He told about trolls, mystical creatures that lived in various climates, and told stories of soldiers and their troubles at war. Later in his career he become incited by romantic novels and began a few of his own soon to be recognized world wide for his writing.