Why Does Google Say Topeka Today?


Why Does Google Say Topeka Today? – If you’re a little late on the times this year, you might have forgot that today’s April fools day. Well if you’ve been online for any part of the day, you’ve probably been to Google at least once. Google is the most used Search Engine out any of the major ones. This includes Yahoo, Bing, or MSN. Google seems to always be adding interesting logos and graphics to their homepage too, they seem to keep up on the times a lot better than I do. Today, Google has feature the word “Topeka” as their April fools day logo. Does it have any relevance to April fools day? Well most people probably wouldn’t even know what it means.

There seems to be this kind of behind the scenes story about the mayor of Topeka deciding to change the name to Google, and in return Google decided to change their name to Topeka to shed some light honoring Topeka. Pretty obvious that most of us wouldn’t even know the story behind this joke Google tried to pull over. I had to look it up just to find out what the deal was with this “Topeka” logo. Honestly, if Google wanted to pull off a big April fools joke this year, they very easily could have. Maybe since the Country has been in a recession and their has been some Nationwide problems, Google didn’t want to scare anyone too bad this year. Either way, I wouldn’t have minded a bit of laughter this morning. I happened to have remembered it was April fools day though. Imagine if Google had really turned the day into a huge prank and people started to freak out! Probably what they were trying to avoid by keeping it light on the prank and more on the humor side this time. Well they surely managed to turn my morning into a research session on “Topeka!”