Michelle Wie $100,000 Mistake


Michelle Wie $100,000 Mistake – Michelle Wie continues to make headlines in the world of golf, but a recent mistake of hers could end up costing the young star over $100,000. When she first entered the league she was often compared to other female celebrities who many feel made it to the level that they did based on their looks, and not on their ability within their sport. She has been able to prove herself in recent years, and has been able to place better on a tournament by tournament basis. However, in the final round of the LPGA Kia Classic, Wie’s ball landed just barely in the water at the edge of the hazard on the 11th hole of the course. When she tried to knock the ball out of this hazardous area, the ball only went around four feet before sitting itself back on the ground just short of the hazard line. This would have been alright, except for the fact that Wie laid the club of her head on the ground after the shot, which is in direct violation of the rules outlined by the LPGA.

Wie went on to say that she was upset with herself, because she knew the rule and had broken it unknowingly, however, many feel that the official that called the foul on her should come under fire, and not Wie. The rule states that the player may not meddle with the ground surrounding the ball prior to shooting, or place her club head in such a way that the shot might be altered, even the smallest amount. Wie laid the head of her club on the ground long after she had completed the shot, and was not attempting to alter her shot in any way with the actions that she took on the course.