iPhone HD Apple Next-Generation Smartphone


iPhone HD Apple Next-Generation Smartphone – With rumors swirling around the tech industry that say that Apple may be looking to take their iPhone to a new mobile carrier, many have speculated as to what that could potentially mean for the company. There have also been other rumors that have reported that Apple is looking toward developing a new iPhone HD. The new mobile device would be powered by a similar processor, or even the same A4 processor that the iPad will be using when it is released. It has been rumored that the new iPhone would allow users to watch HD video on the go using the device. Apple has not confirmed or denied the rumors and all of the information that has hit the net in recent days has been purely speculation based off of the rumors that have been released.

Reportedly, the iPhone HD would implement several of the features that are currently exclusive to the iPad. It would be leaps and pounds ahead of the earlier versions of the phone that have been released. The processor inside of the phone will reportedly be around 1GHz in size, and will feature much of the technology that has been included in other touch screen Apple products, only updated. In other reports, the new iPhone HD will reportedly feature a larger 960×640 screen. This screen would be huge compared to the display that is currently available on the currently iPhone models, which offer a 320×480 display. Experts have said that a move like this would be to compete with the Android based mobile devices that have screen resolutions of 480×800. Representatives for apple have not commented on the rumors that have been released in recent days, but have said that the only focus of their regarding the iPhone would be the development of the iPhone 4G.