Open Letter To Sean Penn:Maria Conchita Alonso


Open Letter To Sean Penn:Maria Conchita Alonso – Recently Maria Conchita Alonso wrote an open letter to Sean Penn. The letter was mostly aimed at Sean Penn’s open support for Hugo Chavez. The Oscar winning actor has made his support for the dictator very apparent in recent weeks, having commented on it publicly on several different occasions. In the letter, she went on to say that she does have respect for his artistic talent, but was upset that he has shown so much support for a man that is so violent. Penn first spoke about his support for Chavez in an interview with Bill Maher. On the program, Penn had said that he did not agree with the assertion that Chavez was a dictator, and instead claimed that Chavez ran what was more of a republic than anything else.

Penn claims that because Chavez has been re-elected several different times, through what he called “transparent” election, that it made the assertion that he was a dictator untrue. Many have publicly disagreed with Penn since he first made the statements, providing evidence that Chavez has not been all that transparent in his elections. In her open letter, Alonso went on to say that he has abused his power in order to remain in power, and has ran with what he was given when he was first elected by the country. She also went on to say that Chavez “betrayed what the country gave him.”
Sean Penn has yet to comment on the open letter, but it is expected that he will address it in the upcoming days. Penn has often been vocal about his political opinions, some of them have gone on to land the Oscar winning actor in some hot water in recent years. Alonso has said that her intention was not to convince Penn that his beliefs were untrue, but rather to educate him about the inner workings of the Chavez regime.