Shawn Michaels Retiring?


Shawn Michaels Retiring? – It appears as if Shawn Michaels will be retiring from the WWE after his match with The Undertaker did not go as planned. He had announced before the fight that he was willing to put his career on the line for the upcoming match, and that if he lost he would retire. The match, which took place during Wrestlemania 26, was in front of over 70,000 fans at the University of Phoenix Stadium, along with a large number of fans who were viewing the action on pay per view. The two had met in last year’s WrestleMania as well, in a match that was considered by many to be one of the greatest matches in the history of the event. This year, the expectations were high, and the two of them were able to deliver. The Undertaker has been able to remain undefeated at the event, and was able to secure his WrestleMania winning streak with his victory of Shawn Michaels.

In what was one of the longest matches in the history of the event, The Undertaker was able to take down Shawn Michaels once and for all. After attempting to land a handful of piledrivers throughout the course of the match, it was the piledriver that would eventually hurt Shawn Michaels and eventually lose the fight for him. Michaels had retaliated throughout the fight with a barrage of kicks to the leg. This was not enough to slow the aging Undertaker, who took the kicks and was able to return shots at Shawn Michaels before he could react. Several times it appeared as if Michaels would not be able to continue the fight, and had succumbed to The Undertaker, but was able to force his way back to his feet much to the surprise of onlooking fans.