Sarah Palin Slams Harry Reid In Nevada


Sarah Palin Slams Harry Reid In Nevada – Sarah Palin has been making political waves in the rumor mill over the course of the last few days. First, it was rumored that she would be receiving her own reality show, that was later confirmed when she struck a deal for the show to appear on TLC for the show that would focus on her home state of Alaska. She was also called upon by John McCain in recent weeks to help him raise the political right in his home state of Arizona. McCain had fallen behind in the polls in recent weeks, and apparently thought that calling on his former running mate for the Vice Presidential position, Sarah Palin, would help him rally the basis and help him shift the polls back into his favor.

Palin then went on to call on the tea party protesters that have been making news in recent days after they yelled obscenities at democratic congressmen who walked past their protest line. She called on them to help John McCain campaign in his state, and to help spread the word that they would need to go out and vote on the day of the election.

Now, it appears that Sarah Palin may be asking more of her supporters. She has asked right wing voters in Nevada to vote against the Democratic Majority Leader, Harry Reid. Reid has held his position for a long time, and it is not expected that he will lose the upcoming election without a real fight on the part of the republicans. Palin also made waves after she took a job as an anchor at Fox News. Representatives for both parties were not immediately available for comment on the situation.