Miley Cyrus Music Retirement?


Miley Cyrus Music Retirement? – Miley Cyrus has stated in recent weeks that she plans on retiring from music to focus on her acting career after her popular kids television series “Hannah Montana” comes to an end this summer. It was rumored that the show was in its last season during its latest run, but the finale revealed that there will at least be a few more episodes to wrap up the storylines that they have dedicated time to. She had said that she was not fond of the music industry, and that she would prefer to never record another album again. This came as a bit or a surprise after her recent hit single “Party In The USA” hit number one on the charts. The song was backed by production from Dr. Luke, a producer who has had a lot of success in recent years producing for pop and country artists.

She recently said that she had become disillusioned with the music industry. It is expected that Miley Cyrus will focus more on her acting career, which will more than likely take off at a rapid pace after her hit television show comes to its end. She does have one more album forthcoming, which is slated to hit stores in June. Miley Cyrus was rumored to be looking for a world tour just a few months ago, but it appears that she has switched her plans and has other things in mind for the rest of her career. She has said “I’ve got a record coming out in June and then I’m done.” This seems to be new thoughts that Cyrus has been having on the industry that helped make her an even bigger star over the course of the last few years.