Michelle McGee Dad Defends Her For for Jesse James Affair


Michelle McGee Dad Defends Her For for Jesse James Affair – It appears as if the news surrounding long time husband of Sandra Bullock, Jesse James and his mistress, Michelle McGee will continue to flow, at least for the time being. It is claimed that James had had almost a year long affair with the young tattoo model. At first, when the news broke, James denied the allegations and had claimed that he had remained faithful to Sandra Bullock throughout their marriage. His tune changed later when more evidence was shown revolving around his relationship with Michelle McGee.

She then went on to have several different pictures of her leak on the Internet that featured her wearing swastika arm bands and other material on her body that caused many to speculate whether or not she was racist. Recently, her father came forward to defend her actions. He had said that she was not aware of the relationship between James and Bullock, and went on to say that James had told McGee that he and Bullock were separated but still publicly appeared together in order to avoid media stories.

McGee first became aware of the relationship when he saw them on TV together at the Oscar’s. Her dad says that is the first time that she knew anything about the relationship, and went on to state that the recent media reports about her have been unfair, as she is a good person. Shortly after she saw the two at the Oscar’s together, Michelle was offered $30,000 to sell her story to a magazine. Her father also went on to claim that she is no longer speaking to James, and that the two of them have had no contact.