Goliath Tiger Fish Of Congo


Goliath Tiger Fish Of Congo – The Goliath Tiger Fish is a fish that is feared by people from many different corners of the world. The large fish, known for its ability to fight and fend off would be attackers, has been garnering quite a bit of attention from a number of different news programs in recent days. They are among the most common species of Alestiidae that currently reside on the planet. The fish is only located in the Congo River, one of the largest rivers in the world. There have been reports that the fish has been able to kill humans that have come across its path before. The Tiger Fish, which is most commonly found in the Zambezi River, is a close relative of the Goliath Tiger Fish. The Goliath Tiger Fish is often fished for by local fisherman who may choose to do so with a fishing pole or with nets.
They are fish of legend in the area that surrounds the Congo River, and have kept many from attempting to swim in its high, ocean like waves. The Congo River is also the deepest river on the planet, with its deepest region stretching more than seven hundred feet to the bottom. It is deeper than most lakes, which gives many of the Goliath Tiger Fish ample room to hunt and swim. Most biologists have found that Goliath Tiger Fish are usually not able to survive in smaller bodies of water, and need the extra room to hunt in an area that contains a large amount of life. One of the reasons why the fish has become so popular, it is because of the way that it looks. It has huge fangs, that can be as long as 4 inches that protrude out of its mouth, and are usually used to catch pray. Must human fatalities and injuries from the Goliath Tiger Fish are reported when the fish mistakes a hand or a finger for another river dweller.