Christina Aguilera VH1 Storyteller New Album Bionic


Christina Aguilera VH1 Storyteller New Album Bionic – Christina Aguilera recently announced that she will be releasing her newest album, entitled “Bionic!” in June after taking several years off from music after giving birth to her first child. She announced today that she will be appearing on the popular VH1 program, Storyteller, before she releases her new album. The program is meant to give fans an in depth look into the past, present, and future of their favorite artists. She also confirmed that she will be appearing on several different MTV programs including “Diary”, which will chronicle her in a way very similar to that of “Storyteller.”

Aguilera built up hype for her announcement on her website prior to making it by announcing that big news would be forthcoming. Her website saw a barrage of traffic from around the world, waiting to see what the announcement would be. Most insiders had said that she would more than likely be announcing a new album, but others had speculated that she may be considering retirement after several years of adjusting to being a mother. It turns out that those who had guessed that she would be announcing her album were right after all.

Aguilera, who has always had interesting ways of promoting her upcoming albums will more than likely have a few tricks up her sleeve prior to the album being released in June. Before her last album, Aguilera made several guest appearances on popular television shows to promote her album, which is a certified triple platinum album by the RIAA. It is safe to say that her promotion techniques are working. It is not currently clear how many new songs the album will feature, but representatives for Aguilera and her label have stated that the album will be in single CD format, and that prior rumors that she will be releasing a double disc album are completely false.