2010 Final Four NCAA Basketball Tournament


2010 Final Four NCAA Basketball Tournament – This year’s 2010 NCAA Basketball tournament has been among the most exciting in years. There were a number of notable upsets in recent rounds, and that has lead to only one number one seeded team entering the final four. That team would be Duke, who was barely able to stave off competition last night in order to secure their position in the Final Four. Last night Michigan St was also able to fend off sixth seeded Tennessee, 70 to 69. Many have blamed the loss on Tennessee’s execution of their final in bound pass that would have been for the winning shot if they could have gotten a good look at the basket off.

Duke also was able to beat the third seeded Baylor in what was a fairly close game throughout. In a large upset, fifth seeded Butler was able to fend off the second seeded Kansas St in what was a close game through the very end with Butler securing the victory 63-56. Second seeded West Virginia was able to upset first seeded Kentucky with a score of 73-66, making the Elite Eight one of the most exciting rounds of tournament action that we have seen yet this year.
A number of analysts have had their brackets busted in recent days with some of these upsets. Earlier in the tournament, Kansas had been the favorite to win the whole tournament. Unfortunately for them, they were knocked out in the second round. Their rivals, Kansas State was also knocked out of the tournament as well. We are now left with fifth seeded Butler, first seeded Duke, fifth seeded Michigan State, and second seeded West Virginia for our Final Four. If anything is certain about this tournament, its that it will be exciting, competitive basketball from here on out. With virtually no winning brackets currently left, it will be hard to judge who the best teams were in this college basketball season.