UFC 111 Play By Play Updates Results


UFC 111 Play By Play Updates Results – The UFC 111 was one of the most exciting in recent memory, and has been receiving high praise from critics in the hours since the event came to its close. The event was headlined by Georges St. Pierre, who faced Dan Hardy in an epic battle that went the full 5 round allotment. Ultimately Georges St. Pierre was declared the winner in a match that was not as lopsided as many had speculated that it would be when the fight was first announced. Although, St. Pierre was still able to easily win the bout, but many did not expect Dan Hardy to be able to take the fight to the decision at the end, which we was able to do, barely, after being knocked down several times during the final few rounds in his bout with Georges St. Pierre.

Shane Carwin was too much for former champion Frank Mir. He knocked him out in the first round with a barrage of punches that came too quickly and were simply too much for Mir to handle. Mir is an aging legend in the sport, but was not able to keep up with the younger and more spry Shane Carwin. Frank Mir has been known for talking smack after his fights come to a close, but was quite subdued after his loss to Shane Carwin. Some have speculated that Mir may be planning on retiring from the sport in the near future after his last few bouts have not gone the way that he had hoped. The two were fighting for the interim heavyweight title, a spot that was left vacant because current heavyweight title holder Brock Lesnar has had several illnesses and has not been able to take part in any mixed martial arts events since he came down with an unspecified illness nearly six months ago.