Sarah Palin Tea Party In Support McCain


Sarah Palin Tea Party In Support McCain – Sarah Palin first came into the public eye when candidate for President John McCain chose her as his running mate in the most recent presidential election. The move was heavily criticized, many speculated that John McCain had chosen her in an effort to also paint the republican party as a party of change, which Obama had effectively done for the democratic party during his campaign for president. She has recently been campaigning for John McCain, who has been losing points in his upcoming election to maintain his seat as the Senator of Arizona. It was believed that she would be able to rally the republican base in the state, and that she would be able to shift the points back into John McCain’s favor.

She recently also called on the Tea Party protesters to come and campaign for John McCain in Arizona. This move is fairly controversial as well, because the tea party protesters have come under fire in recent weeks, when they yelled derogatory statements at a number of congressman who were on their way to vote on the health care reform bill. None of them were arrested, but the protesters were moved farther back from the entrance so they could not continue to yell obscene comments at the representatives who were entering the buildings.

It was not immediately clear what kind of effect this would have on the election and polling from Arizona. Polls have not been released that show the impact, but depending on a number of factors it could shift the polls in a number of different directions. Most experts have speculated that this should work in McCain’s favor, as many republicans are upset over the recent passing of the health care reform bill.