Google Fiber Google High-speed Network:Over 600 US Communities Competing


Google Fiber Google High-speed Network:Over 600 US Communities Competing – Google made a large amount of noise recently when they announced that they would be placing high speed fiberoptic broadband networks in a number of US cities across the country. It has long been rumored that Google was looking to become an internet service provider in the future. Their announcement confirmed what many had already suspected, when it was announced that Google would be heavily investing in fibreoptic research. That news first broke a little over a year ago, and their recent announcement confirms the reasons why many speculated that they were investing in the research. It was not immediately clear how many cities Google was going to choose for their beta testing, but they did confirm that it would be a US wide program, and that there would be more than one city in the initial testing runs.

The news was first announced in February. There are currently over 600 communities that are attempting to become among the first cities to gain the broadband in a beta test trial period. The internet that Google is claiming they would be able to deliver would be over 100 times as fast as most broadband internet that is available today. It is expected that more communities will attempt to vie for the limited beta testing trial period, and that Google would likely expand the number of cities that they offer it to as they become more familiar with the industry and how to roll out their networks. It was not immediately clear if they would be offer the service to multiple cities from the get go , or if they would offer the service to a single city in the initial run.