Coffee Movement Tea Party Alternative


Coffee Movement Tea Party Alternative – The tea party protests have been making a wave in recent days. First, they received quite a bit of bad publicity after they yelled obscenities at several passing congressmen who were forced to walk past their protest line on their way to vote on the landmark health care reform bill. Later, they were called upon by Sarah Palin to help them shift the tide of the polling in John McCain’s state of Arizona, where she was helping him campaign to keep his spot as a Senator of the state. Now, it appears that an alternative has been popping up in a number of cities across the nation. As an alternative to the tea party protesting that has been taking place, it appears as if people are now holding coffee parties.

The co-founder of the coffee party has said that the point of the gathering is for citizens who are concerned about the issues that have been presented with them to sit and talk about it. He has said that he feels that allowing citizens to sit and talk about the issues that bother them does a lot more for the country than just heading out and protesting. It was not immediately clear if more sittings plan on adopting the coffee movement that has garnered some national attention over the course of recent days.
The creator of the idea will be holding what he has dubbed, the “Coffee Party Summit”, which will feature more than 400 coffee parties around the Us on a particular day. The idea is that they will be able to receive a large amount of press from the event, which will help the idea of a coffee party to spread around the nation. It was not immediately clear when the summit would be held, or what cities would be taking place in the event.