Barbara Bush Hospitalized


Barbara Bush Hospitalized – The former first lady of the United Sates, Barbara Bush, was hospitalized yesterday for reportedly “not feeling well.” It was not immediately clear what was wrong with the former first lady when she visited the hospital, and it is expected that the information will not be released unless representatives for Barbara Bush decide to disclose the nature of the visit. It has been reported that Mrs. Bush visited her doctor, who advised her to go to the hospital to be checked up and take some routine tests to make sure that the problem was not more serious than was originally expected. Her husband, former President George H.W. Bush, was with her when she made the trip to the hospital and is said to be concerned about his wife, but has faith in the doctors to figure out if there is a more serious problem. Doctors have stated that she will be released in the coming 48 hours, or whenever she feels alright to do so.

Even though she has been experiencing several health problems and not feeling well in recent days. Barbara Bush is expected to keep up her public obligations that included reading to elementary school children at a school that is named after her in Houston, Texas. Barbara Bush stops by the school every few months to read to the children and to help promote literacy among children across the United States. She continues to be actively involved in several political topics even though she and her husband have not been in an official capacity for the United States in nearly twenty years. It was unclear if Barbara Bush 84, would need to return to the hospital to find the results of her tests, or if they would be returned by the time she left.