Line2 App


Line2 App – Line2 was created with the iPhone’s abundance of reported dropped calls in mind. The app was recently removed from the app store, when the creator of the app was attacked by Internet vigilantes with a denial of service attack. That was after the app had been heavily reported on in recent days, due to the way that the app was able to provide better service for individuals who use the iPhone and are the victims of a large number of dropped calls. It has been reported that the iPhone experiences more dropped calls than any other phone, on any other network, so it is a wonder that customers continue to flock to the iPhone. It is believe that the app will also appear in the app store again here soon, when the attacks have come to a close.

The app reportedly works by allowing the user to make calls over other 3G, Wi-Fi or other cell networks. The app first launched in 2009 and the company claims that they have helped customers save thousands of dollars by using their app. It was not immediately clear exactly how much is saved by the average customer, but many have reported that they have been able to save money and improve the overall reception that their phone receives. Line2 has elected to take their service out of the app store when they came under attacks today, in an effort to keep the first impressions of the app positive, instead of allowing users to continue using an app that was not functioning properly due to denial of service attacks that the company came under yesterday when the app began to receive widespread press. No representatives for Lin2 were immediately available for comment on the matter.