Lady GaGa The Next Michael Jackson Says Rodney Jerkins


Lady GaGa The Next Michael Jackson Says Rodney Jerkins – Lady Gaga has seen a barrage of media attention in recent days, especially after an analytics company has announced that Lady Gaga was the first recording artist to reach one billion music video plays online. She was able to do so with her three most popular videos including “Poker Face”, and “Just Dance.” She received more good praise recently when Rodney Jerkins stated that he felt that Lady Gaga was the “next Michael Jackson.” That is more than likely the highest praise that any pop artist could ever hope to hear. Representatives for Lady Gaga have not commented on the comment, but it is expected that they will in the coming days. She has also enjoyed sold out shows across the world. She has also been known for her wild music videos that are usually filled with sexual references. She has been able to build a following that spans the globe, and is a platinum recording artist in nearly a dozen different countries. Lady Gaga first got her start in the industry writing for other artists, and was able to write a long list of hits for other artists before coming out as her own artist over three years ago.

“We haven’t seen an artist that really has no fear,” stated Rodney Jerkins. That may be a true statement, as Lady Gaga is known around the world for her crazy costumes and uncanny ability to entertain her fans. It was not immediately clear if Lady Gaga had spoken with Rodney Jerkins after he made the comments. The two of them have been able to produce several hits together including the recent song with Beyonce entitled “Telephone.” Lady Gaga is scheduled to start her musical world tour in a few weeks, starting in the United States.