Facebook Causes Syphilis?


Facebook Causes Syphilis? – In a recent story, it was claimed that the use of Facebook is directly connected to a recent rise in reports of syphilis. This is one of the more bizarre stories that have come out regarding the worlds most popular social networking website, and it was not immediately clear if the report has been commented on by representatives at facebook. Several large media sites also picked the story up after it was originally released. These web sites are often considered to be tabloids online, and that stories like this should be written off as untrue, but according to the original story, the facts are true. Users who use facebook are much more likely to contract the STD known as syphilis. Of course the social networking site is not directly linked to a rise in syphilis, but users who use the site are much more likely to experience an outbreak.

This is one of the more hilarious stories that has been posted on the web in recent months. While there is some merit behind the statements that have been made, the loose associations by other publications between the fact that users who use the site are more likely to contract the virus, and the fact that facebook actually causes the virus, can make it a little difficult to figure out exactly what is going on for most users. The truth of the matter is that Facebook probably causes people to interact more with each other, meaning that more people meet, therefore more people have sex, and more disease are passed. That does not mean that the social networking site was the cause of these individuals contracting the virus, their decisions lead to them contracting it.