Earth Day:Earth Hour 2010


Earth Day:Earth Hour 2010 – Earth Day is a day that is celebrated once a year. The day has a number of different activities and events that are usually celebrated on that day. The day that earth day is scheduled for is March 27. It will be celebrated by cities around the United States and around the world. There are a number of causes that Earth Day attempts to receive donations for. Most of them include pollution and other eco friendly charities. The holiday was first created nearly 60 years ago, with hopes of raising awareness about the damage that has been done by factories and other human created objects around the world. At the time, information was fairly limited on the damage that we were doing, and this holiday was created to raise awareness about the situation that has been created. Most of the money is donated to The World Wildlife Fund For Nature, which is based in Sydney.

This year’s Earth Day is expected to be among the largest celebrated in recent years because some of the worlds largest celebrations have been scheduled for the night of March 27th. The World Wildlife Fund For Nature also raises funds for some of the largest events, that are able to raise tens of thousands of dollars for a variety of different charities. At 8:30 PM everyone who is celebrating Earth Day are asked to turn their lights off in celebration of the Holiday. The United States have already announced that they plan to participate, and have encouraged all citizens to consider taking part in what is becoming the fastest growing holiday celebration across the world. Earth day was created 60 years ago, and most experts consider it to be a large success for the committee that created it over 60 years ago.