Alex Hermann Bracket Perfection:Autistic Teen Perfect Bracket


Alex Hermann Bracket Perfection:Autistic Teen Perfect Bracket – Alex Hermann is an autistic young man, and currently has a perfect bracket in the NCAA tournament. The young man, who apparently has quite an interest in basketball, has had a knack for analyzing teams for quite some time and often has been right in his predictions. He had been able to predict every major upset that has taken place over the course of the tournament, and continues to be correct with his guesses through all of the current sweet 16 games. Many bracket experts have been shocked that Hermann has been able to predict the largest upsets in the tournament that no experts were able to see coming in any of their own brackets, including Kansas’ loss earlier in the tournament.

Some autistic individuals have been reportedly been able to estimate things such as this before. While some of them may have an affinity for one educational zone, and often lack the skills or are not able to focus without special attention in other areas that may present them problems. The current bracket situation has not been studied by doctors who deal with autism on a daily basis, but it does show some of the things that individuals with the disease are capable of given a subject that they are passionate about. It was not immediately clear if the boy was also able to predict which teams would be in the tournament at the very beginning as well. The boy has not commented on his bracket, but the family has said that he hopes that he is able to have a perfect bracket throughout the whole of the tournament. It was unclear what his picks for the future were, but if his past picks are any indication we can expect that he will be correct.