Earthquake Philippines:Manila Quake 2010


Earthquake Philippines:Manila Quake 2010 – It has been a busy few months for seismologists. Yesterday, Manila was struck by a quake that measured 6.2 on the Richter scale. There has been a rise in earthquakes in recent months, with the most notable quakes taking place in Haiti, which saw irreparable damage, and in Chile, where the damage was as subdued as one could hope. The quake struck in the early afternoon in Manila, as many of the citizens were on their way home from work. Luckily, the epicenter of the quake was centered over 100 miles off the coast of Manila, several miles deep in the ocean. Some experts have speculated that the distance of the epicenter helped save Manila from more serious damage. So far, there has been no serious injuries reported. It has also been reported that most buildings did experience a rattle with some minor cracks popping up, but for the most part there was very little damage to report in the wake of the 6.2 earthquake and struck Manila.

The Manila earthquake is one of a large string of earthquakes that has hit several different countries in recent months. Haiti was struck, with thousands of causalities and billions of dollars in damage. Haiti has been receiving world aid since the quake first happened on the 12th of January. Chile was also hit by a large earthquake, but had a relatively small amount of damage from the shake. Japan was also hit by an earthquake that was centered over one hundred miles off the coast. Japan experienced a small amount of damage, but also was left in relatively good conditions with just a few aftershocks keeping the citizens on high alert. It is not clear if Manila will be interested in declaring a state of emergency to receive help for the small amount of damage that did occur.