Christina Aguilera Bionic Album


Christina Aguilera Bionic Album – Christina Aguilera, who several days ago announced that she would be making a “huge” announcement on her website in the coming days, will reportedly be releasing a new album here in June. The album will be entitled Bionic, and the cover of the album has already made its rounds around the Internet. The cover features half of her face, with the other half being a cartoon drawing of a bionic robot. It has been nearly four years since Aguilera released her last album, “Back To Basics”, which was a worldwide hit that put another platinum recording artist plaque on her wall. She is also wrapping up production on her debut film, “Burlesque” which will be released in the fourth quarter of this year.

Aguilera took some time off after having her first child over 2 years ago. She had said at the time that she would like to focus on being a mother and leaving the celebrity world behind her for awhile. No one can blame her, as Aguilera was able to achieve success that most recording artists only dream about. In the beginning of her career, many marked her off as a Britney Spears’ “wannabe” after her first single entitled “Genie In A Bottle”. However, in the years following her first release, Aguilera was able to solidify herself as a bona fide star with enough talent to carry her career on her own. After several public spats with the woman that she had been compared to, “Britney Spears”, Aguilera was able to reach the height of celebrity status, winning several Grammy’s and appearing on television shows on a regular basis. It is not clear what her newest album will sound like, but if the past albums are any indication, you can expect that her music will have a soulful, yet modern sound to it that the audience can relate to.