Nexus One Verizon Pricing & Release Date


Nexus One Verizon Pricing & Release Date – Nexus One, Google’s answer for the iPhone, has not yet given all of the information out about when consumers can expect to have the phone in their hands. Still, the company continues to perfect the phone, and many tech junkies wait on the next version to become available. The Nexus One on Verizon has to be extra careful with the pricing of their new phone, as inappropriate pricing for the phone can really ruin their chances at taking over the position that has been firmly held by the iPhone since the iPhone first arrived on the scene. The speculative release date for the Nexus One is in April of 2010. While Google has not confirmed that this is when their users can expect the phone, they have also not shot down these rumors and instead have opted to say that the phone will be available when “it is ready.”

Still, tech junkies await eagerly for the new phone. The capabilities of the phone that Google has displayed on their website are absolutely amazing, wowing many potential customers with a few short videos. Most recently, Google showed that a particular app on the phone was able to take pictures of something written in a foreign language (think menus or street signs when you are on vacation), then the phone will be able to automatically detect what language the text is written in and translate it to a different language. The pricing of the phone is figured to be nearly $500 for the phone itself, and much less when the user subscribes to a two year agreement with the phone. Google representatives were not immediately available for comment, and many are keeping a tight grip on the facts about the Nexus One. Individuals that are interested in the details will have to wait at least a few more weeks before anything becomes official.