Miley Cyrus Quitting Music?


Miley Cyrus Quitting Music? – It seems as if every day there is a new story evolving around Miley Cyrus. Recently, rumors have gone around the internet that she is dating a Jonas brother, or that she has become pregnant. The most recent rumor that has been circulating the internet involving Miley Cyrus, is that the young starlette has become increasingly fed up with the practices of the music industry. Despite recent successes of hers, including a platinum selling album and a number one single in “Party in the USA.” The singer seemed to be less than cheerful about her role int he music industry and her future prospects as a musician. She has said that she would rather appear in movies instead of recording another album. The young star said ‘I just want to do films because I like being someone else. I just feel like the music industry isn’t as positive as I’d like it to be.”

Which is more than likely true. The music industry is known for being harsh and unforgiving, which are also some comments that have been made about the acting industry as well. The young singer, actress and songwriter certainly has a bright future ahead of her as she plans for her future endeavors. It is unclear at this point if Miley has taken any acting roles aside from the roles that were announced previously. She will soon be ending her hit television show, “Hannah Montanna”, and is no doubt looking for bigger and better things in the near future as her Disney chapter comes to a close.
Representatives for the young star have not commented on the remarks made by Cyrus. The fact that she no longer plans to record an album comes as a disappointment to some fans who enjoyed her music in recent years.